Hytera Brings Out The “Convergence-Native” Next-Gen Mission-Critical Communication Solutions


SHENZHEN, China – Hytera, the global leading provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, brought out an online launch event on 26th May, delivering its investigation and insights of the next-gen mission-critical communication with a launching of the Convergence-Native Next-Gen Mission-Critical Networks whitepaper and multiple product portfolios, converging to create a new “Hybrid” Era for mission-critical industry.

Mission-Critical Communications Are Evolving

The key driver of critical communication systems is to ensure the overall effectiveness and efficiency of emergency management, for example, the crucial situations involving high risks to life and property, and operation in the most extreme or specific circumstances. While moving towards MC broadband, PMR with a proven track record in high availability and security, still holds an essential place for emergency operations and guarantees MC voice communication, anytime, anywhere. As such, PMR continues to be “indispensable,” especially in emergency communications, whereas MC LTE complements PMR through more robust communications in the existing coverage, adding more geographic areas, increased data speeds and enhanced capacity.
As OMDIA predicted, 80% of worldwide MCC active radios will be digital by 2025. Mission-critical LTE broadband and enhancing mission-critical networks will open a space for coexistence. The beginning of a new “hybrid” Era is to keep trusted PMR technology such as TETRA, DMR, and PDT for indispensable voice communication, while empower additional services and features with integrated LTE broadband solutions.

Convergence-Native, An Optimal Future-Proof Solution Towards Convergence

Hytera’s whitepaper Convergence-Native Next-Gen MCC Architecture introduced that, the very nature of mission-critical communications technology is in constant evolution and optimization in order to remain ahead and guarantee its successful performance against potential threats under the most difficult circumstances.
In addition to reliable, resilient and secure voice, MCC technology needs to address the demands for empowered features and multimedia services. Mission-critical technology will pivot on data & multimedia to power the necessary technology enhancements that guarantee the reliability of the information exchange and the efficient data analysis to help the decision making processes of emergency responders in the field and the smooth running of business critical operations.
In the whitepaper, Hytera aims to demystify the evolution path of mission-critical communications leveraging the MCC research from the fundamental trends driving the market and the coexistence of PMR technology with mission-critical LTE/5G. Additionally, it aims to highlight the impact of convergence-native hybrid networks in the future of mission critical communications, along with a detailed list of strategic requirements for the solutions, implementation and future operations of the next generation of mission-critical networks.

Product Innovations Along with The Convergence-Native Framework

Hytera also launched its new products, including 5G XSecure Rugged Device PNC560, PTToC Mobile Radio MNC360, and Dual-mode Rugged Radio PDC680.
PNC560 offers mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) over 5G/LTE network with super-fast speed and low latency, supporting team communication and collaboration with a simple key press. It also employs a multi-layer security mechanism integrated in both hardware and software design to provide comprehensive and adequate data protection on the device.
The MNC360 is a Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) mobile radio designed for in-vehicle communication, providing reliable, loud & clear voice service for various field communication scenarios.
The Android 10-based PDC680 combines a mission-critical DMR radio with a smartphone in one single device. It utilizes the power of narrowband and broadband technologies to provide mission-critical voice calls, video transmission, and positioning.

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