HVPD Announces Rebranding to Monitra


MANCHESTER, England — HVPD, developer of championed cutting-edge products for asset condition monitoring such as patented remote monitoring technology, would like to announce today that we are rebranding and will operate under the new name Monitra.

In recent years, it has become clear that our customers benefit the most from an end-to-end solution, rather than stand-alone products and services.

Our new name, Monitra, will better reflect our company but also remove barriers for the next growth phase. We will re-emphasise our innovation, collaboration, and push for the path to operational excellence.

We provide more than just high voltage partial discharge testing/monitoring, and Monitra is emblematic of the wider turnkey support we now provide to our customers.

At the centre of this is our coherent and holistic condition data management platform, Atlas by Monitra™. “Our commitment to research, development, and comprehensive solutions remains strong; embodied by our condition data management platform Atlas by Monitra™.”
Robert Hvide Macleod – Chairman of Monitra

Data is visualised on a concise dashboard, with clear recommendations supported by machine learning, facilitating failure prevention. Our information privacy and cyber security is underwritten by trusted 3rd party audit, ensuring the safety and availability of data. The rebrand process has already begun; however, you will still see HVPD branded products and materials both online and in the field. Our core offering is not going anywhere, and neither are our global team of PD experts, but as Monitra we aim to maximise the uptime of every high voltage asset worldwide.

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