Hedonova Launches Unique Short-Only Fund in ADGM


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Hedonova is delighted to announce the launch of an exclusive short-only fund, set to debut in the prestigious Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). This distinctive initiative marks Hedonova as one of the few investment companies in the world to introduce a specialized investment strategy centered around short-selling securities on such a scale.

The short-only fund, a testament to Hedonova’s innovative spirit, presents a unique opportunity for investors to hedge themselves from market fluctuations and reap potential benefits from downward trends. By concentrating solely on short-selling securities, Hedonova aims to distinguish itself by offering investors a pathway to diversify their portfolios and potentially achieve favorable returns, irrespective of market direction.

It is scheduled to commence operations in the second quarter of 2024 pending licensure. The Hedonova short-only fund will empower investors to capitalise on market drawdowns, potentially yielding gains during downward trends and catastrophic market events.

The company has secured a substantial anchor investment of $150 million from a sovereign wealth fund, underscoring a resounding vote of confidence in the investment strategy. This resolute backing further solidifies Hedonova’s commitment to delivering exceptional results, with the company anticipating a total capitalization of $400 million.

“Our expansion into the vibrant investment landscape of the UAE reflects a substantial transformation,” remarked Alexander Cavendish, CEO at Hedonova. “Numerous investment companies are recognizing the promising opportunities within this dynamic region.”

Hedonova’s ADGM expansion reaffirms its commitment to innovation in investments. Through the introduction of the short-only fund, Hedonova is poised to provide investors with access to the potential benefits of short selling, contributing to the growth and diversification of their investment portfolios. As part of its commitment to transparency and ethical investing, Hedonova will prioritize rigorous risk management for stability and investor protection.

The company’s mission is to create a more diversified and resilient investment landscape for its clients, and the short-only fund represents a significant step in achieving this vision.

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