Gulf Oil Middle East Launches New Product Line at its 2023 Annual Dealers Meet


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Gulf Oil Middle East proudly organized its prestigious Annual Dealers’ Meet for 2023 in partnership with the Al Nabooda Group, Gulf’s official distributor in the UAE. The exclusive gathering brought together an assembly of more than 170 esteemed customers at Grand Hyatt Dubai.

The event served as a remarkable opportunity for industry leaders to engage in professional networking and mark the official launch of Gulf’s cutting-edge range of heavy-duty diesel engine oils, comprising Gulf Super Fleet Professional, Gulf Super Fleet Supreme, and Gulf Super Fleet Duty. This new range promises improved fuel economy, longer drain cycles, reduced vehicle downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

Beyond the product launch, the annual Dealers’ Meet provided a platform to highlight Gulf Oil’s unrelenting pursuit of excellence. This commitment empowers the company to consistently address industry challenges, leading to the development of advanced solutions that cater to evolving market demands and customer needs. Driven by a dedication to quality and a relentless pursuit of technological innovation, Gulf is resolute in its commitment to staying ahead.

Concluding the event, Gulf honored its esteemed partners with appreciation awards, acknowledging their dedication and commitment, which have not only fueled the company’s growth but have also deepened their partnership, serving as a remarkable benchmark for their peers, and exceeding expectations.

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