Fresh Del Monte Sets New Standards in Sustainability with 2022 Report


MIAMI, United States of America — Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc., one of the world’s leading vertically integrated producers, marketers, and distributors of high-quality fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, has released its 2022 Sustainability Report, reaffirming its steadfast commitment to conserving the planet. For decades, Fresh Del Monte has been at the forefront of sustainable practices, focusing on reducing its emissions and food waste, and adopting regenerative agriculture and smart farming practices, among many others.

“As a global agribusiness, sustainability is ingrained in our identity and we recognize the pressing need to continue fortifying our operations against the changing climate,” said Hans Sauter, Chief Sustainability Officer, Senior Vice President, R&D and Agricultural Services at Fresh Del Monte. “Our unwavering commitment propels us to continually reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize water usage, combat food waste, and curtail plastic consumption, among other critical endeavors with direct impact on our planet. We firmly believe that we can instigate transformative change and drive the adoption of innovative technologies for a more sustainable future. This ongoing journey necessitates investments and partnerships, recognizing that the most substantial impact occurs when we collaborate.”

The launch of Del Monte Zero™ Pineapple, a new line extension carbon-neutral pineapple that offsets carbon emissions from farm to market, as certified by third party certification body SCS Global Services, was a big milestone. After a comprehensive assessment of Fresh Del Monte’s Costa Rica pineapple production through shipment and sale to the North American and European markets, SCS Global Services determined that that the Del Monte Zero pineapples’ greenhouse gas emissions have been negated by the reabsorption of Fresh Del Monte-owned forests, making those pineapples’ carbon footprint net zero.

Fresh Del Monte’s dedication to customer satisfaction and sustainability was further underscored with the debut of the mini Honeyglow® pineapple last year. The product aligns with the company’s goals to reduce waste and meet customer needs for conveniently sized pineapples.

Leading the fight against food waste, Fresh Del Monte diverted 93% of food waste from landfills in 2022 and became the first grower to join the Pacific Coast Food Waste Commitment. It reduced its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 26% in 2022 by optimizing fertilizer usage, fuel consumption, and facility heating adjustments. This progress puts Fresh Del Monte at a 94% completion rate towards its 27.5% Science Based Target emissions reduction goal compared to a 2020 baseline. In 2022, the company planted 574,800 trees and 29.7% of its farms now implement regenerative agriculture practices.

As part of conservation efforts, Fresh Del Monte announced that 21% of its global electricity consumption came from renewable sources last year. Since the installation of solar panels at its Costa Rica banana operation in 2017, monthly kWh usage decreased by 46%.

Fresh Del Monte was honored for its numerous sustainability efforts, notably by UNESCO, for conservation work at the Quirigüá Archaeological Park in Guatemala.

Fresh Del Monte’s 2022 Sustainability Report reflects its dedication to sustainability and is testament to the company’s leading role in conservation, sustainable agriculture, and innovation for A Brighter World Tomorrow™.

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