Explore the Top 5 Vote-Leading Contestants in Miss Teenager Indonesia 2023


Indonesia (26/10) Miss Teenager Indonesia one of the biggest youth event in Indonesia will be held next week, get to know more the top 5 Highest vote choices this week

I’m khairunnisa alfiqih .you can call me Nisa, 19th years old. Miss Teenager DKI Jakarta 5  2023. my hobby is playing tennis and  I’m curently  a businesswoman. I have no experience in the modeling world, but now I’m working on it! And hoping the best to the International Fashion world The biggest achievement I achieved was being selected to  represent DKI Jakarta 5 in the Miss Teenager Indonesia 2023. 

I am Meilly Herlina, a law student, model, and student organizator. I embrace challenges without fear of failure and have a genuine passion for acquiring new knowledge. I am adaptable and I could connect with a wide range of personalities. I am actively involved in many social activities as a volunteer and speaker. I’ve been involved in few international forum to discuss the pressing issues of our time alongside representatives from across the globe as i became the delegate of Unicef Poland during Asia Youth International MUN and the delegate of Unicef China during Asia World MUN. Achieving recognition as a finalist in the Miss Teenager Indonesia pageant is among the most prestigious milestones I’ve reached in my career. I also have a few experiences as a judge, and chosen as as Global Action Ambassador by Studec International, Bali Education Ambassadors, Ambassadors of UPH. I have experienced few student exchange in Oxford, Los Angeles, South Korea. I have a skill in public relation, public speaking, leadership, written communication, performing art. I am confident that my diverse set of skills and experiences make me a fitting candidate for the title of Miss Teenager Indonesia, and I aim to inspire others as a teenager.

I’m Kylee Zetta Shakila, you can call me Kylee, I’m 16 years old, I’m a high school student. my hobby is modelling, and i also like dancing as well. I have been involved in the world of modeling since I was little. I have participated in quite a lot of competitions and awards I have received. And surprisingly that hobby can bring me here, join the Miss Teenager Indonesia competition together with great teenager from other province. My motto is: Be You, love your self and proud to be you.

I’m Brythania Blendzcauva Oroh. 17th Years Old. Miss Teenager Central Sulawesi 2023. My Hobby is Traditional Dancing. I’m a Student at Senior High School in Banggai Regency. My Experience in Modeling is that I have appeared at the Teluk Lalong International Fest and The Karawo Fest in Gorontalo Province.

My Biggest Achievement What I achieved was being part of PASKIBRAKA Banggai Regency 2022.  I love fashion world very much and to be in the international stage is one of my goal.

Computer savvy – trained in the use of Microsoft Office; particularly, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro Mastery of many managerial communication skills through University coursework Keep up to date with fashion, food, and lifestyle trends through blogs and twitter Active member and participant in Thysophical Digest Magazine

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