Experiencing Damascus Charm: Fashion Icon Mimi Tamer’s Luxurious Retreat at Beit Zaman Hotel


Renowned fashion model relishing their stay at Beit Zaman Hotel

During her recent trip to Damascus, Syria, Mimi Tamer, the renowned international runway model, delighted in her stay at Beit Zaman Hotel. She chose to stay there during one of her shoots for an international brand, taking advantage of the prime location in the city.

B‏eit Zaman Hotel is located in the famous Old Damascus area – the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world – at the intersection between the straight street called Via Recta and Bab Touma Street.

This part of the world is the cradle of Christianity and this particular part of the city witnessed the journey of Saint Paul the Apostle to meet Saint Ananias and take from him the principles of Christianity to spread them throughout the world.

‏The place also witnessed the glory of Islamic civilization, as Umayyad processions passed on their way to China and Andalusia to replicate Damascus in the towns of Cordoba, Toledo, and Al-Walid.

Once you enter Beit Zaman Hotel, you will be amazed by the fountains, 300-year-old granite tiles in the courtyards, carved trees with stone colors and wooden doors that reflect the ancient culture of Damascus as well as the charm of the past.

‏Beit Zaman Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to escape from daily stress, enjoy a romantic getaway or host a professional conference.

‏Your stay at Beit Zaman Hotel will make your memories with the views of the old city facilitating shopping for traditional handmade souvenirs and modern things due to its location in the old market among different historical and religious places.

‏Beit Zaman Hotel contains 28 rooms and suites spread over two floors overlooking Damascene fruit trees.

Ms. Mimi Tamer expressed her desire to revisit the hotel in the near future.

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