EXEED Sets a New Standard with a 200,000 km After-sales Guarantee, Delivering Remarkable Results in High-end Services


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Consumers will soon have the chance to enjoy 200,000 kilometers of after-sale service from the well-known car brand EXEED, soon to be available in the UAE. EXEED offers customers comprehensive and hassle-free automotive services throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle, ensuring peace of mind at every step. The brand prioritizes building strong and meaningful connections with the customers by providing reliable after-sales services that foster open and effective communication channels.

Enhancing After-Sales Service Processes and Systems to Ensure the Best User Experience

EXEED improved the after-sales service system and processes, optimized several in-store links, including appointment scheduling, reception, and diagnosis, and developed standard operating procedures with a team of professionals. Through outstanding product power, optimized service processes, and professional staffing, EXEED applies craftsmanship to all aspects of after-sales service. Thus, customers receive service and value beyond their expectations.

Strengthening Customer Experience: Leveraging User Insight for Practical Benefits and Advantages

As EXEED expands its global service network, the brand is improving after-sales services and delivering tangible benefits to its customers. More than a hundred EXEED outlets in Eastern Europe offer scooter services and have begun offering door-to-door vehicle delivery and pick-up services; in Kazakhstan, the brand offers free roadside assistance and scooter rentals. Moreover, owners of EXEED in Eastern Europe receive VIP service at the airport.

In addition to exceptional after-sales services, EXEED goes above and beyond to offer its users a sense of privilege in various travel aspects. Valued EXEED vehicle owners have access to exclusive VIP services on the highways of southern cities in Eastern Europe, encompassing a network of 28 highway booths. The brand extends its VIP treatment to its vehicle owners by providing access to a luxurious VIP lounge at the largest airport in the region.

Looking ahead, EXEED is committed to expanding its range of after-sales rights and guarantees to provide even greater value and satisfaction to consumers in the UAE.

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