Exclusive: Mimi Tamer turns showstopper for Seychelles Fashion Week 23


Renowned international runway model, Mimi Tamer, has firmly established herself as a rising star in the fashion world. Her recent appearance at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week earlier this year added a touch of sophistication to the beloved staples of Gen Z fashion. The fashion enthusiasts will have the privilege of witnessing more of her unique style as she takes the spotlight as the showstopper for Seychelles Fashion Week 2023. Despite the intense scrutiny, Mimi’s youthful spirit remains unshaken. She candidly shares her pre-runway routine, saying, “On the day of the show, I make sure to indulge in a hearty meal and have a good time getting into the groove.”

Although it has been several years since her debut on the international runway, Mimi acknowledges that some pre-show nerves still linger. “The only thought running through my mind just before I step onto the runway is, ‘don’t stumble,'” she admits. Nevertheless, she expresses her excitement about returning to the hustle and bustle of the fashion world as Seychelles Fashion Week 2023 makes a spectacular comeback. “I’ve truly missed the energy of the people, the vibrant clothing, the colors, and the sheer adrenaline rush of being backstage,” she reflects nostalgically.

The highly anticipated revival of physical runway shows promises to be a memorable affair, as top international designers transport their audience to an otherworldly realm with their intergalactic collection. Speaking to DFashionMagazine about Mimi Tamer’s showstopper look at the SFW Absolute Grand Finale, the designer revealed, “We always knew we wanted a long train for Mimi Tamer, as Gen Z adores her runway walk. This aligns perfectly with our brand, which has a reputation for adding that extra touch of magic to your appearance.”

About Seychelles Fashion Week
Seychelles Fashion Week, made its debut in 2018. This event serves as a dynamic platform where global fashion innovators, trailblazers, and creative minds convene to advance the fashion industry in both the African continent and the Indian Ocean Islands. Its primary emphasis is on spotlighting Seychelles as a premier global tourism destination.

Terry Carolla, the Chief Executive of Seychelles Fashion Week (SFWK), extends a warm invitation to all fashion enthusiasts in Seychelles to join in and show their support for both local and international models and designers during the various events held across the islands.

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