Effiya Technologies and Vooo Forge Alliance to expand global footprint and strengthen fight against financial crime


Effiya Technologies and Vooo is delighted to announce a strategic partnership, marking a significant step forward to deliver innovative, comprehensive solutions for financial institutions worldwide in the space of AML and financial crime compliance. This collaboration is set to leverage the strengths and expertise of both the organizations to ensure comprehensive protection from financial crime, streamlining operations with improved efficiency and fully automated compliance lifecycle with keen focus in Canada, Europe and United Kingdom.

We are excited to join forces with Vooo to accelerate innovation in the AML space. The partnership is uniquely positioned to address the complex challenges of AML across different regulatory landscape, ensuring a more secure and compliant financial environment on a global scale. said Indrani Biswas, Director Sales Effiya Technologies

The partnership between Effiya and Vooo represents a powerful synergy, combining Effiya’s innovative approach to the incubation of Anti-Money Laundering regimes with Vooo’s expertise in payment and remittance. This collaboration marks a pivotal step toward achieving a future where Institutions can stay ahead of emerging risks and protect the integrity of the global financial system. says Anoop Lal. M. Raman, CEO Vooo Limited

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