“Dubai’s Global Gathering: Celebrating Women Leaders and Empowering Women Worldwide”


Nousheen Mukhtar completes the third season of Global Women Leadership Awards by assembling distinguished women leaders from twenty one different countries in Dubai. The glorious ceremony was organized at Hotel Marriott Al Jaddaf on 25 th June 2023, where the chief guest Sheikh Mayed Bin Sultan Al Qasimi along with Nousheen Mukhtar awarded more than 50 women leaders from different sectors. However, the event was dominated by entrepreneurs and women in business.

Global Women Leadership Awards is a part of the leadership program founded by Nousheen Mukhtar in 2021. It is an annual conference and awards ceremony that facilitates networking for women owned businesses and at the same time endorses women achievers from across the globe. Nousheen Mukhtar builds it on her longterm vision of connecting distinguished successful women with aspiring women leaders, thus paving way for economic development in the UAE as well as diplomatic facilitation of business networking globally. She is revered as a female business icon world over for creating new opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs.

The ceremony was an amazing success. This year’s awardees included Ashley Davis who has beenrecognized as the Trail Blazer of the Year 2023, Jihane Labib who has won Best Executive Business Coach award, Vansa Bali who has been recognized as the Best Life Coach, Mercedes Vazquez who has won the Exemplary Woman in Economic Development Award, Nassrin Bengra who has been awarded Woman Leader in Marketing and Communications Award, and Aga Khatib who has been entitled the Woman Leader in Travel and Tourism. Bella Gambolonga has won Woman Leader in Public Relations Award; Sakina Alblooshi has won Woman Leader in Art, Mehul Kulkarni has won the Youngest Sports Icon Award; Pamela Serena has won Woman of Influence Award; Dr. Anjana Vinod has won the Most Inspiring Motivational Speaker award; and Neha Dixit has won the Best Emerging Emcee Award 2023. H.E. Dr. Desziree Richardson has won Excellence in Equality and Diversity Award; Shilpa Bapat has won
Woman Leader in Ecommerce Award; Dr. Mimi Bland has won the Best Mindset and Spiritual Healer Award; and Ozzin Jun has won the Best Business Mentor Award 2023.

Among other distinguished female leaders who have won awards are Henzie Healley for Woman Leader in Corporate Law, Dr. Rasha Abu El-Ezz for Leader in Community Development, Kiara Kaur is the Youngest Inspiring Speaker, Dr. Anneli Driessen has received the award for being Woman Leader in Metaphysical Education. Catherine Barrow has been awarded the Most Inspiring Artist (Music) award, Lisa Leit has won the Best Trainer of Coaches and Thought Leaders Award, Asmahaney Saad has won the Woman Leader in Law and Business Consulting award, while Basuti Bolo has won the award Woman Leader in Space Science and Technology.

There were leaders in the ceremony, from more sectors, who have been recognized for their amazing services to humanity. Dr. Chibuzor is a dedicated optometrist and she has been awarded the Best Health Solutions Provider Award, Alefiyah Johas has been awarded Woman Leader in Retail Award, Donna Dahl has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Yusra Baqi, a distinguished Emirati female leader in Finance and Customer Happiness has been awarded the Woman Leader in Finance Award. Ariana Grybkova mesmerized the audience with some amazing violin performance and her melodies touched hundreds of hearts. She has been awarded the Best Violinist in Dubai Award. Dr. Siham al Harthi from Oman, has been awarded Woman Leader in Real Estate Award. Fiza Khan with millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram has been awarded the Best Influencer 2023 Award. Faiza Mubeen, has been awarded Woman Leader in Education, while Leena Vesterinen has received the award for Digital
Product and Design Leader in Realty. Avantika Kashyap has won the Founder of the Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant, Alexandra Williams won the Woman CEO of the Year 2023, Joanna Rizou has won the Woman Leader in Business Process and Quality Assurance, Sadaf Shaikh has won the Woman Leader in FMCG award. Lucy Chow has been awarded the Super Achiever of the Year 2023 and other awardees included Soraya M. Deen, Emmanuella Musonda, Manali Gill, and Arman Khan. The ceremony was a huge success.

Women entrepreneurs play an integral role in the economic development worldwide. Ceremonies like these encourage more women to step forward and lead.

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