Dubai to host ‘World Biohack Summit’


Dubai, which is emerging as the wellness and fitness hub of the world is now set to witness Asia’s first ever World Biohack Summit (WBHS) on May 30, 31 – 2023 at Grand Hyatt.

Sajeev Nair, co-founder & chairman of Limoverse Technologies, the host of the event said, “This is an event that continues with the great culture of fitness inspired by the leadership of Dubai. This event will accelerate the vision of Dubai becoming the fittest city, as biohacking is the most scientific and holistic way to be fit.”

Indeed, biohacking is emerging as the ultimate health optimization model across the developed world, as different technologies, advancements and breakthroughs like genomics, personalization, lifestyle modifications, AI, wearables, quantified self tools, and even the time-tested principles of ancient wellness schools come together to deliver the very best to the adopters of biohacking principles.

Also as the Chief Curator of this event, Sajeev Nair informed that this upcoming Dubai Edition of the WBHS will have other firsts to its credit too. Firstly, the event will be a perfect convergence of the most advanced research-based biohacks and the best of ancient wellness wisdoms including yoga, ayurveda, herbals, traditional chinese medicine, and more.

Secondly, instead of the controversial chips and inserts that people often mistakenly associate with biohacking, this summit will give equal or more importance to research-validated and personalized lifestyle modifications in diet, nutrition, supplements, exercises, fasting, sleep, meditation, breathing techniques, de-stressing, detoxing etc., apart from several other more radical biohacking techniques like latest wearables & quantified self tools, AI based fitness equipment, neurofeedback systems, cryotherapy, red light therapy, float therapy, nootropics, super specialized health foods etc.

The event will feature more than 20 expert speakers, 50+ exhibitors from around the world, including from ancient wellness systems and thousands of participants who are passionate about taking charge of their health

The WBHS, Dubai, has been designed by the organizers as the perfect meeting ground for wellness brands, trainers, healthcare startups and other stakeholders in the industry.

Yet another first of the World Biohack Summit would be its innovative ticketing methods using NFTs, creating utility value beyond the event, and simultaneous virtual hosting in the metaverse of Limoverse. Dubai based Limoverse is the world’s first ever blockchain based health & wellness ecosystem and metaverse.

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