Dubai Media Announces Partnership with NEP Group


On the sidelines of the institution’s participation in the Arab Media Forum, a partnership was formed between Dubai Media and NEP to support logistical and technical capabilities.

Dubai Media has signed a memorandum of understanding with NEP Group, the leading media services provider supporting premier broadcasters and content creators worldwide, to enhance cooperation and exchange expertise in various media services fields. This is part of the efforts made by Dubai Media to support its logistical and technical capabilities and to develop the media content industry it offers through its TV and digital channels, aligning with its goal to be closer to the audience.

The memorandum of understanding, signed on the sidelines of participation in the 22nd edition of the Arab Media Forum, which recently concluded at the Dubai World Trade Center, aims to strengthen cooperative relations between the two parties. The goal is to leverage the digital tools, technology, and human resources provided by the group to support Dubai Media’s external broadcast operations within and outside the UAE. This will enhance the institution’s production and operational capacities, highlighting its capabilities in covering events with high quality. Additionally, the memorandum allows Dubai Media to benefit from NEP’s future center and global connectivity with the group’s facilities.

In his comments, Saleh Lootah, Deputy CEO of Technical Support at Dubai Media, emphasized the importance of this memorandum and its role in supporting the media content industry and presenting it to the audience according to the highest global standards:

“Through its diverse TV and radio programs, Dubai Media seeks to develop the media content industry, which is currently one of the fastest-growing media sectors. We are making significant efforts to enhance our capabilities, improve our logistical capacities, and develop the skills of our human resources to produce high-quality media content that meets Dubai’s and the UAE’s major developmental aspirations.”

He confirmed that the partnership with NEP represents a new step in Dubai Media’s commitment to achieving its strategic goals of advancing the media sector and establishing Dubai as a leading global content creation center, adding:

“The memorandum of understanding provides an opportunity to develop our TV and radio broadcasting operations and expand their global reach, reflecting Dubai Media’s status as one of the largest and most prominent media institutions in the UAE and the region.”

Saeed Izadi, President, NEP Singapore, India and Middle East, expressed his happiness in partnering with Dubai Media to benefit from the range of services provided by the group:

“We’re very proud to work alongside and support Dubai Media, contributing a full range of media services including live TV production, remote broadcast production, on-demand video services, virtual production, and many more industry-leading solutions. This partnership will support Dubai Media and enable its teams to utilize the very best broadcast technology and develop its expertise in covering external events and activities, delivering premier content to its audiences both inside and outside the UAE.”

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