DLK Groups Hosts Unusual Iftar “Her Voice” to Celebrate Women’s Empowerment and Artistry


DLK Groups, a leading event management company, hosted an exceptional iftar event on March 22nd, titled “Her Voice,” in honor of Women’s History Month. This unique event aimed to unite women and art, selecting renowned contemporary artist Kristel Bechara as the focal point, given her active role as a feminist and the thematic resonance of her artwork.

The event, held during the sacred month of Ramadan, was a testament to DLK Group’s commitment to inclusivity and celebrating the diverse contributions of women in society. Kristel Bechara’s paintings, characterized by their exploration of women’s issues and challenges, provided a thought-provoking backdrop for the evening’s discussions.

Guests, including prominent businesswomen and creatives, gathered at the exquisite venue, Kanvas Dubai, to experience Bechara’s captivating exhibition, “A Symphony of Shadows & Light.” The immersive showcase, blending art with cutting-edge technology, delved into the complexities of women’s experiences and highlighted their resilience and creativity.

Attendees were deeply engaged in discussions surrounding Bechara’s artwork and the themes it addressed, from gender equality to female empowerment. The event provided a platform for fruitful exchanges and reflections on the shared experiences of women in contemporary society.

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing admiration for Bechara’s artistic vision and the event’s overall success. Businesswomen in attendance particularly appreciated the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and engage in meaningful conversations about women’s issues.

DLK Groups’ “Her Voice” event successfully achieved its goal of celebrating women’s empowerment and fostering dialogue through the lens of art. By bringing together women from diverse backgrounds, industries, and creative pursuits, the event underscored the importance of amplifying women’s voices and championing their contributions to society.

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