DUBAI, United Arab Emirates –Televisions are the epicenter of home entertainment, bringing friends and family together to enjoy streaming shows, movies, sports and much more. Like a prized piece of art, the television is the focal point of the living space offering a gateway to experience the world in the comfort of one’s own home. On this journey, users should prioritize quality picture to achieve the most immersive home experience. LG Electronics (LG) has been a staple of picture quality for years with its LG OLED TV’s bringing innovative features to its valued users with a premium design that seamlessly integrates into any space.

Enter a New Colour Dimension
Traditional TV’s offer a standard colour palette to achieve basic image quality, which exudes subpar viewing environments. It would be as if you were walking along an art gallery and the paintings were muted. While you may not notice the difference, the experience might feel underwhelming. The same goes for picture quality in televisions – and the difference is clear. Innovation and technology have evolved clarity and colour to a whole new level with LG OLED. It allows users to experience colours as accurately as nature intended, with natural hues that match the original source content. LG OLED panels are certified by Intertek for 100% Colour Fidelity versus traditional LCDs, which reach between 70 – 80%.

Flush-To-The-Wall Design
Not only the outstanding picture quality, but also the design of LG OLED TV allows users to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a premium gallery. The TV’s showstopping silhouette blends into the wall seamlessly, while its minuscule borders ensure that nothing obstructs the view. With a flat back, ultra-thin display and sleek design, LG OLED TV puts minimum impact on the wall and looks like a part of the wallpaper. Additionally, the ultra-lightweight formfactor and simple wall mount allow users to easily install it and place it anywhere they want, treating it like a masterpiece.

The Darkest Shades Seen Differently
Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of home viewing are intense scenes with dark, dramatic picture. Often these scenes cannot be fully experienced due to poor picture quality with the frustrating inability to make out what is happening on screen. With LG OLED TV users can see the difference perfect blacks make. Self-lit pixels turn themselves on and off without a backlight, so dark areas stay dark as onyx and bright areas are exceptionally light. From the darkest night scene to the brightest frames, every hue within the 3D color space covers the television’s full luminance range.

For the Love of your Eyes
Allowing users to enjoy the outstanding imagery longer, LG’s OLED TV’s are developed to accommodate long viewing periods with intelligent technology to help eyes remain feeling fresh. OLED emits a non-harmful amount of blue light and is Flicker Free certified by UL for removing screen flashes that cause eye strain. Bright and tiring glares are also eliminated with Discomfort Glare-Free verification from UL.

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