Chery’s International User Summit: Leading the Way in Innovation and Humanitarian Initiatives


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Chery, the pioneering automotive brand, held its 2023 Tech Day with resounding success on October 16th in Wuhu, China, as part of its first International User Summit. Under the banner of “Accessible Innovation”, the event showcased Chery’s remarkable progress in technology and global expansion and highlighted the brand’s continuous pursuit of strategic technological advancement and its most recent accomplishments.

Chery’s first grand technological symposium attracted a crowd of over 600 participants from more than 30 countries. Among the attendees were media representatives, government officials, university experts, and Chery’s local and international stakeholders.

Since the brand’s establishment, 26 years ago, Chery has showcased its commitment to innovation through exhibits on hybrid, electric vehicles, and overseas technologies.

During the event, Yin Tongyue, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chery Holding Group Co. Ltd, stated, “Our goal is to establish a robust and thriving innovative ecosystem with a strong core. Chery is dedicated not only to nurturing talent internally but also to consistently attracting top experts from around the world.’’

Regarding product innovation, Tongyue specifically stressed that Chery is focused on refined product lines to create unique, tasteful, and high-quality products. He added, “We aim to build a reputation for excellence that speaks for itself, making a significant impact with our efforts.”

With a global user base exceeding 12 million in over 80 countries, Chery’s brand recognition has surged by 300% with a recommendation rate beyond 60%. Over the past four years, Chery has achieved a compound growth rate of up to 91%. In this context, Zhang Shengshan, Assistant General Manager of Chery and Executive Vice President of Chery International, stated that users now perceive Chery as not just “economic” and “reliable,” but also “technological” and “stylish.”

Chery plans to launch a series of PHEV and BEV models with advanced technology starting in 2024, solidifying its position as a leader in technology and sustainability.

The event also featured testimonials from users in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Chile, underscoring Chery’s dedication to user-centric innovation. The “2023 Chery Tech Day” unveiled the brand’s preparedness to take the lead in the automotive industry’s future with a new strategic framework.

At the same Chery’s International User Summit and as part of Chery’s global strategy and its commitment to philanthropic activities, the brand has announced a significant partnership with UNICEF to support education programs on a global scale. Chery and UNICEF have joined forces in a two-year, $6 million partnership to support global education programs, with a focus on helping vulnerable children. This collaboration comes as a response to UNICEF’s findings that 70% of 10-year-olds worldwide struggle to read and understand basic sentences, a figure that has worsened due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The partnership aims to create safe and inclusive learning environments for children and adolescents, ensuring equal learning opportunities and employability. Chery will support education programs in China, Mexico, South Africa, and Türkiye. By contributing to UNICEF’s efforts, Chery hopes to promote children’s education and social progress.

In the past, UNICEF and its partners successfully helped millions of children access quality education. Chery, which operates in over 80 countries, sees social responsibility as a fundamental part of its global presence and is committed to humanitarian initiatives.

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