Chery Dominates the 2023 J.D. Power China Initial Quality Study, Secures Top Spot Among Chinese Brands


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Chery, the esteemed Chinese automotive manufacturer, has triumphed as the top Chinese brand in the prestigious 2023 J.D. Power China Initial Quality Study (IQS), reinforcing its unwavering dedication to producing exceptional vehicles with superior quality and customer satisfaction.

On August 31st, J.D. Power released the highly anticipated results of the 2023 China Initial Quality Study (IQS), a benchmark for new car quality in the Chinese automotive market. Chery appeared as the frontrunner among all domestic Chinese brands, marking a significant advancement from its 2022 position. Notably, Chery’s models, the Chery Arrizo 5 and the Chery Tiggo 5X (also known as the Tiggo 4 Pro in international markets), clinched top positions in the compact sedan and compact SUV market segments, respectively.

The J.D. Power Initial Quality Study (IQS) stands as one of the organization’s flagship industry assessments, encompassing 230 models from 48 brands. Focusing on quality issues encountered by owners of fuel vehicles within their first 2 to 6 months of ownership, the study evaluates 218 specific problem areas across nine categories, using problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) as a metric.

Chery’s consistent excellence in major J.D. Power awards remains undeniable. In the recent “2023 Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout Study” (APEAL), Chery’s Tiggo 7 series and Tiggo 8 series secured top positions in the mid-sized economical SUV and mid-sized SUV segments. The “2022 APEAL Study” saw the Chery Arrizo 5 PLUS lead the mid-sized basic sedan market, while the “2021 China Vehicle Dependability Study” championed the Chery Tiggo 3X in the mini-SUV category.

Rooted in a philosophy of “creating excellent brands with craftsmanship,” Chery emphasizes quality as its cornerstone. A comprehensive quality management approach ensures a superior user experience throughout a product’s lifecycle. With a “V”-shaped forward development process and a “5+1” quality management system, Chery incorporates a “dual-matrix” full-lifecycle quality management model, a “two hearts, three wholes, and four drives” quality assurance model, and an adaptable development and verification system, covering diverse environmental factors.

Chery, committed to its brand values of “green, technology, family, and companionship,” aims to deepen emotional connections with consumers. Their stringent quality management positions them as a market value leader, ready to provide more high-quality and reliable products to customers in the fiercely competitive automobile industry. As Chery thrives globally, it seeks to replicate this success in the UAE, establishing itself as a trusted name synonymous with quality and innovation.

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