DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The annual hunt over gifts is no longer an issue this Eid. LG Electronics (LG) seeks to provide a permanent experience of improved home appliances that serve a truly intelligent way of living with LG ThinQ. Allowing users to spend wisely and live smartly, LG offers promotions on LG ThinQ-enabled products to create seamless connections at home—and on the go—making life good.

An Evolutionary TV Experience
Product Model OLED42C26LB OLED65A26LA OLED77C2
Enjoy Eid gatherings with the ultimate entertainment experience and transform your TV into a central hub with the intelligent ThinQ AI. LG ThinQ allows simple commands and controls the home ecosystem with natural voice recognition, there’s no remote needed, all you have to say is “Hi, LG”. 
The LG OLED TV’s are available on Eid sale starting at AED 3,999 + LG TONE Free FP3.

Get The Best Care with LG PuriCare Air Purifier 
Product Models AS60GDWV0 AS95GDWV0
Having Eid coming on the way, many in-door occasions will take place, and it’s important to secure a clean healthy indoor environment. This can be easily accomplished with LG PuriCare as it not only provides clean air for adults but also includes a Baby Care Function, leaving you with no worries whatsoever. Everyone will enjoy a stress-free indoor experience during Eid gatherings.
The LG Single Tower purifier is available on Eid sale for AED 2,299, and the LG Double Tower purifier is available for AED 3,699 at selected hypermarkets and retailers.

Worry Less by Wearing it 
Product Models AP551AWFA AP551ABFA
Breathing pure air on the go is made easy with LG PuriCare wearable Purifier. It provides a better – clean breathing process with its HEPA filters in addition to the DUAL Fans that blow air at the speed of your breathing cycle. 
The LG wearable PuriCare Wearable Purifier in white is available on Eid Sale for AED 699 across major retail electronic stores in the UAE.

Say Goodbye to Basic Laundry Process
Product Model F4V5RGP2T 
LG is taking you into a different level of luxury when it comes to laundry. The LG’s exclusive AI DD weighs laundry and detects the softness of fabric, it automatically selects the optimized washing patterns for each fabric based on the deep-learning technology resulting in wearing favorite clothes longer with 18% more fabric protection.
The LG Vivace Washer & Dryer is available on Eid sale for AED 5,498, at selected hypermarkets and retailers.

What a View 
Product Model GR-X267CQES
The feature of Knock Twice and See Inside allows you to see 23% more of what’s inside with the latest generation of InstaView™ ThinQ™. It UV light automatically reduce 99.99% of bacteria from the water nozzle in addition to the LINEARCooling™ that reduces temperature fluctuations, locking in the flavor of fresh for up to 7 days. This refrigerator will not only add décor to your kitchen but will also provide you with massive storage space. 
The LG InstaView Side by Side Refrigerator is available on Eid sale for AED 7,499, at selected hypermarkets and retailers.

Clean From Every Angle 
Product Model DFB512FW
Make the celebration clean up easier with LG QuadWash™ guaranteed to save time and effort of cleaning hard to reach spots. Its Multi-Motion wash arms provides enhanced coverage to each dish on any rack. The Turbo Express feature gets things done in a faster cleaning cycle that is under an hour. Guarantee thorough cleaning with LG QuadWash. 
The LG QuadWash is available on Eid sale for AED 2,899, at selected hypermarkets and retailers.

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