Ballon d’Or Winner and Football Legend Michael Owen Enlists Oceidon Corporation to Create His First Exclusive NFT Collection


Oceidon Corporation is pleased to announce that world renowned Ballon d’Or winner and football legend Michael Owen has engaged Oceidon’s blockchain expertise to create his first limited edition NFT collection.

Michael Owen’s inaugural NFT drop is part of the Oceidon Legends project. Oceidon Legends immortalises unique personas through digitization with NFTs.

With a limited mint of 1233 pieces across 5 rarity levels the NFTs tell an inspiring tale of Michael’s meteoric rise in football.

The lucky few that secure an Oceidon Legends Michael Owen NFT can truly claim to own a piece of history!

Details of the collection will be revealed during an upcoming Twitter Spaces AMA with Michael Owen mid-March, 2022.

Oceidon Legends NFTs feature:

Undisputed pedigree
Having an Oceidon issued blockchain registered NFT means no one can dispute the asset’s pedigree, ownership, and provenance.

Future collectability
Oceidon Legends is the epitome of the new era of true collectibles. Blurring the lines between offchain and digital assets.

With premium entry pricing and truly limited edition NFTs, ownership is elusive, exciting, and exclusive.

Michael Owen

Michael James Owen is an English former professional footballer who played as a striker for Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Stoke City, as well as for the England national team. He is the laureate of the 2001 Ballon d’Or trophy. Since retiring from football in 2013, he has become a racehorse breeder and owner and regularly features as a sports pundit and commentator around the world.

Oceidon Corporation

Oceidon Corporation is a blockchain technology provider with its headquarters in Guernsey. It develops server-side technology such as its patent pending ‘Zero Knowledge Proof of Identity’ solution, bespoke NFT projects, as well as public facing products such as the ‘Oceidon Blox’’ NFT Builder with its native ‘OBLOX’ credits token, Oceidon Meta NFT Collection, Oceidon NFT Viewer.

Green Commitment

Oceidon practices environmentally responsible blockchain development. All Oceidon blockchain projects are carbon negative via green initiatives and carbon credit offsets.

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