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Artisan Way: Pilot Episode Debut at Paris Fashion Week Featuring International Designer Laveau


The Artisan way Reality TV series launched their pilot episode this season during Paris Fashion week, in the heart of Paris. Founders Becky Mullins and Russ Ev were followed around during this busy fashion season as they produced and managed PR for Paris Fashion week ending with their own event which was filmed for the episode a presentation fort International designer Laveau.

This is Laveau forth collection the nova effect.

The Nova Effect, the alluding possibility that everything happens for a reason. In the beginning, it may seem like a misfortune; but it could open the door to unimaginable possibilities. It is unpredictable, but it is always in motion.

As we go about our lives, we will encounter ups and downs, like the ocean waves crashing in and out, engulfing everything in their path. As we grow and mature, we will learn to appreciate the laws of nature. When one learns to feel love, they must also accept the risk of feeling hate. Only after experiencing sadness can we appreciate happiness. Through adversity, we learn to love properly. We are perfect and imperfect in the most complicated but beautiful way possible. Confidently lost in a world worth discovering.

We say color is king, a vibrant companion along the journey of life’s unknowns, ups and downs. So we create bright and surreal prints that are boisterous and out of the ordinary inspired by life’s battle scars. Laveau embraces pleats, ruffles, cutouts and soft fabrics that tastefully showcase the feminine form.

Laveau’s prints are inspired by the symbols from our past. No two pieces are ever the same, just like our uniqueness as individuals. We believe there’s beauty in imperfection, but when it comes to quality, we draw the line. We’re fastidious with our small batch production and live for more sustainably-minded design choices.

When you embrace your uniqueness, you can face the world brightly, boldly and beautifully.

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