Artisan Group: Launch of Integrated Healthcare Initiative


Artisan Group announced the launch of its groundbreaking platform, “Integrated Healthcare Initiative: Preventive Medicine, Immunity, and Frailty Prevention,” (the “Initiative”). The Initiative was launched via a sub-committee of ‘First Wednesday ( )’.

With the aim of creating a community where the more you age, the happier you get, the Initiative will create a framework for sharing innovative ideas to help solve the problems faced by an ageing population. The aim is to enhance solutions currently provided under the national framework. Members of the Initiative will include managers, executives and researchers who are committed and passionate about solving these issues.

At the launch, Artisan Group’s CEO, Mr. Nobu Kishi, stated: “We are extremely excited by the Initiative, which will no doubt be transformative in improving the lives of many of our loved ones. The first session will be in April 2022 and the focus will be on pre-disease, immunity and frailty prevention. The conversations will be multifaceted, drawing on the collective experience of across several countries and industries.

Active seniors are often isolated from their communities when they retire, and this has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a significant problem facing several countries, including Japan, and we need to do more to help those in need.”

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