Art4you Gallery’s ‘The Hue of Hope’: A Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative


Dubai – The awareness campaign, which was organized by Dubai-based Art4you Gallery, began on October with a live painting by international artists and concluded with a women’s talk and art showcase.

October is International Breast Cancer Awareness month, thus the Art4you Gallery in the United Arab Emirates has launched its “Pink October” campaign in honor of the month. The creative community in the UAE decided to cap off with a 15-day celebration called The Color of Hope. The Organizer states that we can increase public awareness of the issue by hosting a breast cancer awareness event.

Sustainable Live Art: Together with us, a group of international artists celebrate art, knowledge, courage, and community as we strive to fully realize the potential of #Art4Change. On October, artists painted imaginatively with a “Pink” motif on planters at Arabeska City Walk. A peace lily plant, placed and kept ready for everyone, is kept in a glass vase in the center. The outside of the planter is cane. When the painting was finished, they all took the glass planter and displayed it as a keepsake. It’s a novel concept and an environmentally friendly planter. Because they are effective air purifiers, peace lily plants are a terrific addition to any home. Our sustainability partner, Green Revolution Dubai, supported this project.

Each artist contributed to the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign as part of a noble cause. In addition to Anhita Ansari Pour, the fifteen artists who participated were Shakiba Rabiei, Pegah Rezaei Rad, Mahboobeh Shahnavaz from Iran, Yuliya Solomennaya from Belarus, Svetlana Kreventsova from Russia, Maryna Futymska from Ukraine, Neetu George, Maria Komal Abie, Jesno Jackson, Barati Mehansi from India, Rania Abdelrahman from Sudan, Fatima Ghandour from Lebanon, Roa Al Madani, and Bhumika Maniyar from the United Arab Emirates. This event was sponsored by Breast Cancer Now, Monroe Medical Center, and Monviso Italian Natural Mineral Water. The Secret Garden Flowers decorated the space with pink balloons and pink flowers to fit the theme.

HOPE Watercolour Painting: In addition to the festivities, we hosted a live watercolor painting demonstration and an interactive pink art showcase for a group of creatives at Secret Garden City Walk on October. With assistance from FUNBO Art Partner, guests were able to use flowery artistic expression to convey their emotions and sense of unity. Each artist painted and traded pink flowers on the theme of “pink flowers.” Maryna Futymska, Svetlana Kreventsova, Natalia Vityugova, Khuloud Almhairi, and Jesno Jackson were among the artists who took part. With the presentation of fresh roses, H.E. Laila Rahhall kicked off the ceremony. Next up was the #PINKTOBER photo frame campaign.

Survivor Celebration – Guest speakers & Survivor Stories: During the 14th event, survivors had the opportunity to share their stories and inspire others with their bravery and persistence. The audience listened closely, inspired by each person’s story of hope and achievement. The survivor tales of Sandra Cristina Isidro Martinho and Jesno Jackson were recounted. In honor of this occasion, The Mommy Bakery offered Pink Ribbon Cakes and Sweets with Elegance by Rihanna’s Pink Scarf.

Photo in Pink Frame & The Pink Ribbon Dinner: For the #pinktober campaign, all women were urged to snap pink moments in the floral Instagram photo frame. The refined and exquisite theme of the Pink Ribbon Dinner was brought to life with a formal PINK dress code and sumptuous décor. On October , visitors were encouraged to dress in their best pink attire in support of breast cancer sufferers. The floral arrangements by Secret Garden Florals and the stunning display of pink ribbons by Arabeska City Walk Restaurant welcomed the visitors with elegance and grace. Pink dried flowers and center pieces with pink flowers, which represent strength and optimism, were used to decorate the tables. Following a brief talk by Dr. Mughnia Bamyani, MD, a general dentist at Monroe Medical Center, who explained her significant commitment to the fight against breast cancer and offered advice on early detection, health, and beauty, guests left the event feeling satisfied.

Virtual Art Exhibition- Think Pink: It is a multidisciplinary virtual art exhibition that celebrates women’s power and resilience. The exhibit, which includes works by both emerging and experienced artists, examines a wide range of pink-related themes, such as the power of hope and diversity in art style, practice, and background. they have used the colour pink to represent friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and most importantly, hope and healing.

Women Talk & Clinic Visit: Local healthcare clinic and a support partner Monroe Medical Center invited us to their facility for a women’s talk. This allows guests to prioritize their health and notice any potential problems early on. In an effort to raise awareness about the big C, four medical professionals, a cancer survivor, and female leaders discussed early detection, diagnosis, prevalent myths, and frequent worries people have about breast cancer.

The founder, Rengi Cherian, stated, “We chose to launch a campaign that would speak to the hearts and minds of the general public. We think that art has the ability to spark vital conversations and encourage change. On October , we’ll wrap up the campaign with a virtual art exhibition featuring artists who have donated their creations to the cause. In conclusion, raising awareness of breast cancer is more than just a single month-long campaign or set of activities; it involves a sustained effort to inform, empower, and uplift both individuals and communities. We can collaborate to increase early detection rates, offer support to those impacted, and ultimately strive toward a time when breast cancer is no longer a life-threatening illness by realizing the effects of the disease and the need of awareness campaigns.

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