Art, Sustainability and Technology merge Generations at Funun Arts “Only One Earth”


The second edition of “Only One Earth” organized by Funun Arts and Novotel Sharjah Expo center receives appreciation from all walks of life for consistently adhering to their oath to create a sustainable future. The art event to celebrate World Environment Day and World Ocean Day took place on 2nd June at Novotel Sharjah Expo Centre. The event has been graced with the presence of many eminent personalities in UAE who expressed their delight in joining the event that stands for a noble cause. “Only One Earth” comprised an art exhibition, youth panel talk, and live painting event which was a careful blend of art, education, and expression.

Twenty-six artists from different nationalities showcased their works which were expressions of their views on nature and sustainability. The specialty of “Only One Earth” was the representation of the youth in every aspect of the event. The panel talk and the live painting were also rich with the participation of young minds.

The event was hosted by Khan Ayaan Abdulla, the founder and director of Youth Creative Minds Hub who expressed his views on sustainable solutions that can create a better future for the young generation that includes him. Khan is a student himself and is widely involved in spreading art, innovation, and sustainability in the Middle East through his ventures. “Take care of the small things, the big ones will fall into place on their own”, he said during the event, intending for everyone to take home.

Mr. Mohammed Al Aidroos, Director of Expert Mark Group inaugurated the event. He exhorted the audience to be more sensitive to how our environment is speaking to us and take steps to protect it in every possible way. Mr. Aidroos also offered his wholehearted support for Funun Arts and their future projects. The event was also graced by Ms. Samar Khaled Murad, Principal of the International School of Creative Science, Rose Mc Cauley, Vice Principal of North American International School, Dubai, Juhi Yasmeen Khan, Advisory member of Gulf Sustainable Awards, Kusum Datta who is an artist and philanthropist, Asma Janahi, the member of Dubai Press Club, Mr.Robin Solomon, General Manager, Novotel Group, legendary artist and businessman Mr. Ahmed Al Awadhi, veteran artist Anjani Prakash Laitu, Peter Gressman, founder of Art Forum, UAE.

“We are at the second edition of “Only One Earth” and are extremely grateful to the like-minded artists, scholars, and philanthropists who have joined in taking this mission forward. Funun Arts has been fortunate to work in this amazing land of UAE and we believe in giving back to the country and the people who have been an essential part of our growth. We are glad that our initiative is influencing different generations. Instilling the thoughts of sustainable living in young minds is our hope for a better future. We are proud that our generation is now being led by the wisdom of experience as well as the creative initiatives of the next-gen.” says Shiba Khan, the Founder, and CEO of Funun Arts.

The highlight of the show was the youngest artists who showed immense interest in the cause by creating masterpieces that became a reflection of how little kids are connected to nature and how well they can imbibe the energy that surrounds them. Wali Mehtab Khan (4 years), Maryam Sarfraz Khan (5 years), and Azaan Mehtab Khan (6 years) showcased artworks on nature, gardens, and the ocean respectively. The little artists also spoke eloquently about the colors, techniques, and concepts behind their artworks.

Funun Arts also distributed mementos made of construction waste, an apt example of recycling through which they exemplified the innovative ways in which art and sustainability can be linked together. The inaugural event was followed by the opening of the art exhibition which progressed into the Youth Panel Talk. The students who participated in the talk expressed their views on topics like climate change, conservation of oceans, no plastic concept as well as on how technology and the environment can be connected effectively producing maximum results with less damage. The panelists were Frida Shouman, Aisha Nassor, Sienna Peters, Janoah. N. Sual, Richia Janey Novilunio, Talha Naqvi, Alishba Khan, Yomna Ghamnem, Zeinab Shueib, Hafsa Nougha, Mira Singh, Mohammad Mustafa, Madhav Krishna, and Raghav Krishna. The participants amazed the audience with their deep insights into the environment, conservation, and sustainability.

“We conceive and create every event with a vision in our minds. It should not only showcase excellent concepts but also cater to the intellect and artistic sensibilities of people. We are artists in the first place and our language is art. People might be surprised to see how powerful a tool art is to propagate the message of sustainability. It is palpable in the form of artworks and contains great thoughts which are being discussed in our panel talks and are expressed through our live art sessions.” says Farah Khan, Co- Founder of Funun Arts.

“We are glad and invite everyone to enjoy direct access to the Sharjah Expo Centre. We are supporting the UAE year of sustainability and this event ONLY ONE EARTH is very special because it brings people from different walk of life on one platform with a message of We can Change Climate Chane. My team and I look forward to welcoming you at Novotel Sharjah Expo Centre Hotel! Said Mr. Robin SOLOMON, Hotel Manager

The artists who participated in the event also shared their views on sustainability while interacting with the guests. The artworks which were created around the concept of sustainability as well as with recycled materials were a new experience for the visitors. The beauty of nature, the purpose and deeper aspects of life portrayed in colors became splendid representations of art.

Participating Artists are Ahmed Al Awadhi, Alina Kiseleva, Anjini Prakash Laitu, Arezoo Rahmdel, Bhavi Singhal, Dr. Devisree, Eiman AlQubati, Farah Khan, Gunjan Nirav Bhatt, Mahfuzur Rahman, Marina Taroni, Maryam Sarfraz Khan, Mohd. Azaan Mehtab Khan, Mohd. Wali Mehtab Khan, Mrs. Sultana Kazim, Mussarat Yasmin, Neha Dua, Nishtiman Gadheri, Nitu Rajpal, Pari Sagar, Saba Asim, Saida Banu, Sherrin Sebin Pulickal, Shiba Khan, Vasilisa Eliseeva and Yumna Irfan.

Funun Art expressed their heartfelt gratitude to The Green Revolution, The International School of Creative Science, The North American International School, Kavita Sriram and the media partners for their immense support in the incredible success of “Only One Earth”.

The event convey the message: “You can reach towards the true, the good, the Beautiful. Become a better person, create a better world and save the planet, NOW OR NEVER as there is ONLY ONE EARTH.”

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