ARRIZO 8 Redefines Luxury and Technology


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Cars are considered more than just a means of transportation for the new generation; they have become understanding companions. Chery’s flagship sedan, the ARRIZO 8, stands out in the commercial market with its top-notch design, features, and luxurious style. Packed with advanced technology and innovative capabilities, it has created quite a buzz in the sedan world. The ARRIZO 8 sets the bar high, showcasing Chery’s commitment to cutting-edge advancements and pushing the boundaries of what a sedan can offer.

ARRIZO 8 is a sedan that brings together smart technology and stylish commercial design, targeting sophisticated consumers aged 30 to 45. As Chery’s flagship product, it showcases the brand’s latest technological advancements, making it a standout choice for tech-savvy individuals.

ARRIZO 8 offers users a spacious cabin with an attractive wave-like design, enhanced by a 24.6-inch dual screen featuring two large 12.3-inch displays for central control and instrument display. This eye-catching feature sets it apart in the front row of the car. The largest screen in its class incorporates V-bending technology, creating a suspended appearance on the center control platform, providing the driver with a comfortable touch, enhanced control, and impressive visual appeal.

Furthermore, the ARRIZO 8 comes with the latest family HMI 4.0, featuring three themes and seamless wireless integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This enriches the interactive experience, providing convenient connectivity for users.

In addition, ARRIZO 8 is equipped with luxurious features such as a spacious panoramic sunroof, comfortable leather seats, and adjustable ambient lighting. These features enhance the overall sense of luxury, safety, and comfort for an enjoyable driving experience.

In terms of security, the ARRIZO 8 embraces cutting-edge technology. With its advanced driving assistant system, it offers an impressive range of nearly 20 powerful functions. These include many features such as forward collision warning (FCW), lane departure prevention (LDP), and an integrated cruise assist (ICA) system. These capabilities ensure comprehensive coverage of various driving scenarios.

ARRIZO 8 goes the extra mile to enhance daily convenience, reflecting its strong focus on human-centric design. As a first for Chery, it offers a 50W wireless fast charging feature for mobile phones, eliminating the common issue of slow charging and low battery levels. This sets a new industry standard. Moreover, ARRIZO 8 incorporates an innovative reminder function, alerting users to prevent leaving their phones behind in the car. In terms of driving and riding comfort, the vehicle is equipped with 8 high-quality Sony speakers, delivering exceptional sound fidelity. These speakers have been fine-tuned by Sony’s expert “Golden Ear” acoustic engineering team, significantly enhancing the overall driving experience.

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