Are you a ‘victim’ of FOMO?


‘I’m so busy, I’m so exhausted, is been so hectic’, or I must attend that event, can you get me an invite? What’s going on, do you know the organizers, can they invite me?’ I hear this so much ugh! Majority, regardless of age, wants to attend events that they feel are popular amongst their peers, most common being fashion shows and beauty pageants. Generally, most of the participating designers are not well known, looking for exposure and added business.

OK. So, go and get some rest, catch up on your sleep, give your face and hair some chill out time without makeup and mouse. Be kind to your feet and get out of those ridiculous shoes designed to give your feet, knee and back problems.

‘Oh, I will have to take a short vacation to get away from the hubbub sort of recharge my batteries, because I just don’t want to miss out too much on the happenings!!

And I’m thinking really, will your presence/absence make a difference? Hundred of events, mostly fashion shows/pageants /awards! All want to be discovered, turn into social media sensations, famous, popular in demand looking to make more money! However, by what the rumor mill suggests the majority of these seem to be in debt or sustaining losses!

You convince yourself, I’m going for networking, make important contacts, connect with potential sponsors/investors, meet influencers however what I have observed it’s the same people at most of the events from the chief guest, guest of honor, hangers on, wannabes!

Are you a ‘victim’ of FOMO?

Some of the symptoms of FOMO, no particular order, include:
A deep sense of jealousy of others or feeling unhappy about your own life. It could also make you feel anxious about not progressing or living a life that is not as exciting as it could be.

The urge to be connected to what other people are doing and compare yourself with them. This sometimes leads to feelings of lower self-esteem if other people are seemingly having better life experiences than you.

According to experts, FOMO is said to include two processes. The first is the perception of missing out, followed by compulsive behavior to ensure one is not missing out! The incessant photos/selfies/videos which MUST be posted Immediately or else…

This could involve going to as many social events as possible or constantly checking social networking sites. People may become overwhelmed with the number of options they have and may not know what the best option for them is, that would mean they miss out the least.
Other people’s opinion, what other people may think.

Always blindly following what’s ‘in style’ clothes, hair color, extensions, wigs, cosmetic procedures, fake lashes, aka the Miss Piggy look or Clones, clothes that don’t suit their body type and more.

The perineal party goer who hops from party to party to after party the always ‘in demand’
Do you find yourself Always saying ‘yes’?
Feeling undesirable /excluded when missing out?
Low life satisfaction – high social media activity, endlessly scrolling through your social media feed throughout the day, taking selfies?
The urge to be surrounded by others The overwhelming need for having friends, colleagues or associates?
Lack of sleep, fatigue or a significant amount of stress, binge eating!?

FOMO, In 1996 the phrase ‘fear of missing out’ was created by marketing strategist Dr. Dan Harman. It was in 2014, that the term FOMO, previously used in marketing, was formally adapted to be applied to other settings, specifically evident with the rise of social networking sites.

Totally mind boggling and energy draining, extensive research by medical professionals shows a direct link between low life satisfaction and FOMO, exacerbated from the increasing presence and usage of social media which showcase everyone’s daily (no distinction between fake and real) lives. Regardless of age, people have had experiences of feelings as if they are missing out! Although social media may give us greater access to FOMO just hearing about a missed opportunity from a friend can produce the same amount of FOMO as viewing it on social media!

Today, we are all subjected FOMO marketing which in my personal opinion is insidious invading my privacy and downright pushy and irritating! Do it Now, Hurry, This offer is only valid for….

Speaking with a marketing executive cum influencer I was told that to give a bigger boost to FOMO marketing, what is ‘a must do’, is to showcase all the opportunities that were missed by your potential/current customers. When they notice that they’ve lost a good deal just because they were late or didn’t make a call quickly, they’ll start becoming anxious!!

This anxiety is nothing but FOMO, and it can push them to make their decisions quickly so that they don’t miss out on other deals. Sometimes, this is all that’s required to push them over the edge.

And now with the advent of influencers…… we that’s another piece for another day!!

Too many choices- Having options is a good thing, but there comes a point where there is just too much to choose from, sort off ‘More Is Less’ Learning to choose is hard. Learning to choose well is harder. And learning to choose well in a world of unlimited possibilities is harder still, perhaps too hard, that what I’m told!

Some common sense things to deal with FOMO…… Warning this requires self-discipline and truly being in love with you! Not the Narcissistic eternal gazing in the mirror or your phone camera spa, massage, grooming but actually Getting in more quality time.

Putting your phone down, (OMG really isn’t there another way? My phone is my lifeline my substitute for oxygen!!) and spending time with loved ones face-to-face can be a great way to re-center your most important relationships.

Friends and family are often the best people to turn to when you need to be reminded that you’re worthy of love and acceptance, no matter what other people are doing…… Sitting in the same place each person ‘playing’ surfing on their mobile doesn’t count.

Practicing meditation can be wonderful for developing a sense of calm and yes, you can use your mobile to listen to your soothing sounds!
Quieting the mind and focusing on your breathing can increase your own awareness that whatever is currently causing FOMO may not be worth your energy or time.
Even taking a walk or just sitting on the beach or in a garden (when the weather is better) can help restore a sense of balance and purpose (this doesn’t include scrolling and liking posts on social media).

Writing down or just voice notes (yeah you can use your phone for this) to get out your frustration, disappointment, anger is a way that may help you identify what triggers your FOMO. When you have a clearer idea of who or what causes your fears of missing out, it may be easier to chang your relationship around those thoughts and feelings.

You could be thinking easier said than done right? Well, give it a try anyway!
I am consciously practicing JOMO Out try it, it feels wonderful After All YOLO so choose well


Being an “influencer” is now a fully-fledged career choice and not just a hobby. Being an “influencer” is now a full-fledged career choice and not just a hobby. The danger lies in promoting something that you don’t really understand just for the money. This applies to a list of health and wellness products as illustrated in the old phrase ‘the grass is always greener’ meaning that people often assume that there are better things in other places.

Take for example this ‘advice’ from ‘genius marketing techniques

FOMO is pretty much a universal experience.
More isn’t always better, try be more selective in your choices. One way to do this is to discard any experiences that won’t give you a real feeling of satisfaction. Just take a moment think ‘what will I really get out of this? before you commit to another outing.
Try JOMO Joy of Missing Out. Truly exhilarating energizing experience!

Multiple International awardee for Women Empowerment, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Sandi Saksena is a Queen, Femtor, Facilitator, Negotiator and personal finance influencer.  A well - known personality in the media for her contributions on personal financial matters and leadership she is regularly featured in various international publications and international platforms as a speaker/host/moderator.

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