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Approaching 40 Years, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. Rebrands as Rimkus


Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc., a worldwide provider of engineering and technical consulting services, today announced a historic milestone as the company rebrands to Rimkus. The change reflects the company’s commitment to evolving its service offerings to meet the shifting needs of its global clients.

“We are incredibly proud of the legacy Rimkus has built over nearly four decades. In 2020, we introduced an aggressive growth strategy for our company and have successfully acquired and partnered with other top consulting firms around the globe, expanding our geographical footprint and our leading team of experts. United under a common purpose and vision, our team will continue to draw on the rich heritage of the company while delivering innovative and forward-thinking solutions for our clients well into the future,” said Curtis Brown, Chairman and Executive Director, Rimkus.

Founded in 1983 in Houston, Texas, Rimkus has transformed into one of the premier forensic engineering and technical consulting companies in the world, growing its network to more than 1,400 employees globally. Its bench of industry-leading experts spans nearly all engineering and scientific disciplines.

“Rimkus has built a foundation of trust and shared success with our clients, and this next chapter will be no different. We understand the importance of growth, and as we continue to build toward our future, we need to evolve with our clients. This transformation represents our commitment to expanding capabilities and finding new ways to solve problems while staying true to the legacy everyone has come to know and expect,” said Robert Kocher, Chief Executive Officer, Rimkus.

Alongside the new company name, Rimkus unveiled a corporate brand refresh, including a new corporate logo and soon-to-launch website. The logo commemorates and signifies the new direction for the company, retaining the heritage Rimkus ‘R’, iconic since the inception in 1983 and serving as a nod to the company’s roots.

Since 2020, Rimkus has completed 14 acquisitions worldwide. Through the acquisitions, Rimkus has enhanced its existing practice areas to stay ahead of its global customers’ requirements and invested in solutions that enable the company to remain a leader.

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