Anxinsec to showcase the unique information security solutions at GISEC Global 2023.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — As digitalization continues to increase in all sectors, so do security risks. Data shows, the Arab world has made great achievements in terms of digital innovation in the past decade, while they suffered badly from ransomware attacks-numerous companies paid more than $1.4 million in ransom. More than 40% of them closed down after attacks, and nearly 90% were attacked once again.

The suffering calls for action for cybersecurity protection. Alex Jiang, the CEO of Anxinsec, said that the infrastructure and large enterprises may suffer huge losses once they get attacked by advanced threats, like memory-targeted attacks. While traditional protection is not good at detecting advanced threats under limitations of accuracy, understanding, visibility, and effectiveness of the protection against cyberattacks, the new-generation technology based on memory protection is recommended to protect the execution integrity of applications and guarantee business security.

Committed to protecting the peace of the digital world, Anxinsec will highlight an Innovative and All-in-One Solution for Endpoint and Workload Protection at GISEC, including the Memory Detection and Protection System (MDPS), the major innovation product, which helps global customers to detect advanced threats, such as fileless attacks, 0day vulnerability exploits, and ransomware attacks, etc. and to protect core business systems from interruption or data breach.

The MDPS provides the organic combination of three-dimensional protection at the memory, system, and application level. Through fine-granular monitoring of memory accessing and execution actions, the memory protection technology measures the rationality of memory accessing and program behaviors, detecting abnormal memory accessing or malicious code attack behaviors in real-time, and the response model can effectively block vulnerability exploits, mitigating advanced threats.

Besides MDPS, Anxinsec will provide other solutions and services to our customers, including MDM, the one-stop terminal security + business security solution; SOC, an all-in-one & collaborative platform for security groups; ATP, the comprehensive analysis for malware; MSS, the full range of security expert supports including VAPT, red teaming, and MDR, etc.

Anxinsec is ready to be part of GISEC Global 2023, the super-connector event. Visit Anxinsec at Stand C39, Hall 7, and follow the speech at the X-Labs stage of Hall 6 from 11:20 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. on March 14.

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