Anxinsec Highlighted An Innovative and All-in-one Solution for Endpoint and Workload Protection at X-LABS Stage.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — ANXINSEC is participating in the GISEC Global 2023, the leading gathering ground for the cybersecurity community worldwide. As a leading brand of memory security, Anxinsec shares insights about advanced threats and introduces “An innovative and all-in-one solution for endpoint and workload protection.”

“0-day vulnerabilities have increased by 56% or more, every single advanced threat can cost $2.4 million to the victims; intrusion success rate has reached 80%; new types of attacks have spiked globally by 400% in 2022——Advanced threats have become a favorite of attackers with high destructions, which keep intensifying”, according to Roger Wang, the CSO of Anxinsec.

With the intensifying advanced threats, conventional protection methods are struggling with effectiveness and efficiency, increasing the stress on cybersecurity managers and their teams. Do we have a solution to alleviate the team’s pressure?

MDPS as a new generation of endpoint and workload security product, provides innovative protections from 3 layers:
—Memory layer: it protects data residing in memory to prevent binary vulnerability attacks and unknown memory attacks.
—System layer: the ACDR (represents Attack-Chain Detection and Response) technology to block unknown malware and provide an illustration of the behavioral chain for an attack or incident. It can effectively detect rootkit, bootkit, and bootkit this kind of kernel-level threats.
—Application layer: its blended detection technology to make it the next generation of application immune system.

Apart from the above 3 innovations, Roger also introduced other features of MDPS, including assets identification, vulnerability scanning, abnormal login, weak password detection, etc., which aims at protecting endpoints and workloads from advanced adversary actors.

ANXINSEC presents its MDPS at Stand C39, Hall 7. Security experts and senior executives are available on site for any consultation and ready to showcase how to build the last defensive line of the Defense-in-Depth System.

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