Al Shumookh Group announces “International Fashion Gala” goes OMAN


Mrs Fatma Lutfi, Chairwoman of Al Shumookh Group. Thanked each and every member of TEAM IFG, international designers, models, suppliers and Government for the humongous success of IFG in Dubai. What we said and promised we did.

“The significance of IFG lies not only in celebrating this event, but in offering new ways to experience the best of luxury and modern fashion, through innovative designs for women and exploring their unique personality. We will bring the best of fashion to UAE, and will continue to promote Dubai around the world. We start with our neighboring GCC Sultanate of Oman.

This came during the press conference held on 28th July, 2022. API World Tower, in the presence of honorable guests, designers, models and various media.

Mr Ahmed Mohd, CEO of Al Shumookh Group, “International Fashion Gala changed the form of contemporary fashion shows and proved its feet in the world of fashion from its first version and achieved unprecedented success and presented a different form of fashion shows where dazzle, sophistication and craftsmanship that made the fashion show a fun evening and a festival of fashion and not a normal fashion show.”

Mr Ahmed Bahgat, Director of Al Shumoukh Group, stressed that “the organization of the “International Fashion Gala” in Oman is new evidence of our excellence and putting IFG and Dubai’s position in the world of fashion, by highlighting the high-end designs of modern fashion, But the first of a series of consecutive events in the region and abroad. Oman will witness world-renowned designs. With this new event, we aspire to showcase the diversity of talent and help those interested in fashion shows discover new and eye-catching products.”

Mr Hanif Shaikh, co-organizer IFG, Chairman Emirates Holding Group: We excel in what we do. IFG is claimed as the best Fashion Event of UAE. Oman is been closed to our Heart. Another extravaganza coming in Oman in October 22. Our goal is to raise the standard of the fashion industry & events in UAE and GCC promoting Dubai and fashion business to the world.

Mrs Siham Abd El Aziz, IFG Oman , project manager, Thank you , Al-Shamukh Group, led by Professor Fatima Lotfi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed, CEO and The Flaming Icona, Mr. Ahmed Bahgat, Director of Al-Shamukh Group. Hanif Shaikh, co-organizer IFG, Chairman Emirates Holding Group.

They have a reward for choosing Oman specifically Muscat to have the second version International Fashion Gala.

For those who do not know who Oman is… Oman enjoys international status as an important regional mediator and strategic partner from the Middle East region, and the new leadership in Oman has succeeded in continuing to achieve many achievements in a short time, which has made it highly appreciated by the Omani street and regional and international organizations and agencies.

The second edition will be in Oman, Muscat, at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center, one of the largest in the East East in the heart of oman

Indeed, this is his main motto (((Here the world meets))))

The center also has the largest ballroom on an area of 12,000 square meters and includes the largest lyric theater in the Middle East…..
The center includes the largest five-star hotels in Muscat to serve the organizers and participants in the events held on the center’s grounds.

As you are accustomed to the group of shamukh will be the international fashion gala second edition in Oman A.A.N. distinguished and rich in outstanding international participations and the international professional cast and outstanding events To name but a few

1- A huge concert will be held in honor of International Fashion Gala in celebration and welcome to the guests and fashion designers of the world participating.
2- Official honoring from the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism of Oman to fashion designers and cast participants for their presence and rich history in the field of fashion.
3- Technical conference in the field of fashion with the participation of Sultan Qaboos University and the higher design colleges in Oman, and experts and professors in the field of fashion will also participate in the conference.

Thank you for coming and waiting for you to be in Muscat to complete the expected success …..

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