AI Visionary Dr. Torsten Bernasco Reveals QCI & AGI Company in Collaboration with His Excellency Suhail Muhammad Al Zarooni, Ushering in a New Era of AI Innovation in Dubai


Dr. Torsten Bernasco, a luminary in the Artificial Intelligence realm, boastingover two decades of triumphant entrepreneurial endeavors across the USA, Europe, and Asia, hasfoundedQCI & AGI Company and joined forces with His Excellency Suhail Muhammad Al Zarooni toinauguratethishighly innovative AI enterprise. The momentous launch transpired in December 2023 in Dubai, undertheesteemed patronage of His Excellency, reflecting shared ambitions for AI technologies tocatalyzeanautonomous society. Dr. Bernasco’s visionary aspirations and steadfast dedication totechnologicalexcellence harmonize seamlessly with the visionary leadership of His Excellency Al Zarooni.

The alliance with His Excellency Al Zarooni is not just a convergence of industry stalwarts; it representsafusion of shared values and a profound understanding of the colossal opportunities that ArtificialIntelligence presents in our contemporary landscape. Dr. Bernasco, with his illustrious networkandatrackrecord of pioneering AI ventures, collaborates with His Excellency Al Zarooni, a distinguishedfigureinDubaiand its environs.

QCI & AGI Company, birthed from this leading-edge founder from Germany, this formidablecollaborationseeks to introduce groundbreaking and sustainable AI technologies to the market, propellingDubai intoanew era of technological innovation. This initiative transcends conventional market entries, emphasizingthemeticulous execution of successful commercialization and the continuous evolution of cutting-edgeAIsolutions. The strategic positioning within the sunrise market positions QCI & AGI Company as acatalystforDubai’s transformation into a global hub for AI excellence.

Dr. Bernasco and His Excellency Al Zarooni concur that the amalgamation of their visionary leadershipandextensive resources presents not only significant gains for the company but also lucrative opportunitiesforall stakeholders involved. QCI & AGI Company symbolizes a paradigm shift in innovation, sustainability, andtransformative developments within the AI landscape

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