AI and Blockchain Enthusiasts now have a New Destination in Dubai!


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — TeachMeCode Institute, one of Dubai’s newest educational destinations, is opening their doors to students next May. The Institute, situated at the heart of Dubai, offers beginner-friendly courses in Web Development, Web Design, and Blockchain.

TeachMeCode, often referred to as The School of The Future, embraces the latest technologies to create a unique and immersive learning experience. In the lobby, students will find The Tree of Knowledge, a tree that can listen to their questions, answer them, and project codes on the surrounding glass. “We pride ourselves on providing premium experiences with everything tailored to match the highest luxury standards including the chairs, tables, and even a huge 150-inch screen in each class.” Said Ziba Kalbiyeva, General Manager of TeachMeCode Institute.

As of this week, TeachMeCode Institute is offering 50% off its programs to everyone applying throughout Ramadan and the Eid holidays and until April 24th. The Ramadan promotion is open to anyone, regardless of background or education level. The goal is to supplement the tech industry with passionate-driven individuals by providing opportunities to those who might not otherwise be able to get the education they require to pursue a coding career.

TeachMeCode Institute is committed to providing the highest quality education in the field of technology. Their team of experienced instructors and cutting-edge curriculum ensures that students receive the most advanced training possible. They offer a wide range of courses designed to help individuals excel in their careers and achieve their goals.

TeachMeCode Institute also offers a flexible schedule of courses to allow students to attend their classes at times that suite their schedule and commitments, including a weekend option, where students have classes on Saturdays and Sundays only. TeachMeCode courses include A Front-end Web Development course, Back-end Development course, Web Design in Figma Course, and a Blockchain Fundamentals course.

“At TeachMeCode Institute, we are passionate about empowering individuals with the tools they need to succeed in the ever-evolving field of technology,” said Alexandru Cocindau, founder of TeachMeCode Institute. “We are thrilled to offer this special discount during Ramadan, and we look forward to welcoming more students to our community.”

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