After East Coast Success, Rumailah Farm Set to Expand across UAE


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Rumailah Farm, the UAE’s top manufacturer of dairy products, is making the leap from regional to a national brand. After the tremendous success of its East Coast locations, it’s now planning to open another two outlets – this time in Dubai and Qidfa.

 “Our recent ventures to expand across the UAE are the result of years of hard work and dedication,” Rumailah Farm General Manager Abdullah Taleb says. “By maintaining the highest-quality standards and sticking to our values, we’re quickly outstripping the competition.”

‘Bringing Farm-Fresh Dairy Products to Qidfa, Dubai’

Rumailah Farm made a name for itself with its flagship locations on the Fujairah corniche, at the Fujairah Umbrella Beach resort complex, and in Dibba. Along with offering top-quality dairy products, its chain of popular coffee shops proved a hit with local residents and visitors alike.

Thanks to these initial successes, Rumailah Farm is now expanding its presence across the entire UAE, with brand-new locations set to open in both scenic Qidfa and luxurious Dubai within the next two months.

“Our brand is growing, and so is our physical presence across the country,” Taleb explains. “The undreamt-of success of our Fujairah locations prompted us to expand even further, with the ultimate aim of bringing farm-fresh dairy products to the UAE’s western coast.”

Getting a Foothold on the Western Coast

The Qidfa location marks Rumailah Farm’s latest project on the dynamic East Coast, where it achieved its initial successes and already enjoys high brand recognition.

The second location in Dubai’s upscale Jumeirah neighborhood will be the company’s first venture on the UAE’s fast-paced western coast, where it hopes to tap into an entirely new – and potentially lucrative – market.

“We’re certain that visitors to our two new locations in Dubai and Qidfa will be just as satisfied as our regular customers in Fujairah,” Taleb says.

“And with the latest round of expansion,” he adds, “Rumailah Farm is now poised to make the leap from a regional to a national brand.”

Both of the new Rumailah Farm outlets are slated to be up and running within the first quarter of 2023.

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