AboFlah’s Hidden Treasures Is a Nation-wide Campaign and the Biggest Treasure Hunt in the Middle East Giving Away Cash Prizes That Go up to 1 Million AED


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — YouTube sensation Hasan Suleiman “AboFlah” returns with Dubai’s biggest Winter competition of a total cash prize of 1 million AED that participants can find across the country’s most beautiful destinations.

The competition, part of The Coolest Winter campaign, will take place in a custom-built glass box for 3 days at Dubai’s Global Village. It consists of the region’s most significant treasure hunt to be live-streamed on YouTube. 51 boxes will be hidden across the UAE, and participants will be challenged to find one containing 500,000 AED.

The competition is open to anyone visiting or residing within the UAE. Participants are asked to register on Treasure.worldscoolestwinter.ae, then look for the hidden boxes they will open at the Global Village to reveal the prize live.

Aboflah will reveal hints of the locations during his Livestream on Youtube and Twitter page. Aboflah cannot leave the box nor stop the live streaming until all 51 are found. People watching abroad will also get a chance to win many surprises that AboFlah has in store; all they need do is tune in.

Touristic treasures

The Youtuber Hasan Suleiman mentioned, “the competition will allow residents and tourists to discover multiple destinations in the UAE while looking for the treasure and see the unique activities and properties that every state has.”

And “the challenge is about finding the treasure that contains 500.000 AED from all 51 boxes across the UAE” AboFlah is more than happy to launch the competition in the UAE after taking part in last year’s campaign “Let’s Make Their Winter Warm” which targeted refugee camps and people in need during the winter.

Unique Destinations

The competition’s project manager, creative director, and co-founder of 8 Flamez, Eyad Siyam, commented, “the challenge will shed light on different touristic destinations of the country while showcasing the nature and heritage of the areas during the winter,” pointing out that spreading 51 boxes over the UAE symbolizes the UAE 51 National Union Day.

AboFlah Hidden treasure campaign started last month, operated by the National Media office of the UAE in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and tourist/cultural authorities, targeting the most beautiful destinations and leisure services across the country.

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