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Abhash Jha is a young Delhi-based entrepreneur who co-founded and is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of “Ellen Terry London“. Ellen Terry London is a fashion accessories brand that offers a variety of products. Abhash Jha started his company in 2022. Today, it is one of the leading fashion brands collaborating with more than 50+ Fashion Companies. Before Ellen Terry, Abhash Jha worked with many other MNCs and entered the entrepreneurial world. He believes even if you don’t have a perfect idea to begin with, you can likely adapt, and high expectations are the key to everything. However, he was not satisfied. He was determined to create the greatest and biggest fashion brand – he quoted it as ‘I want it to look like nothing else in the world.’ “Ellen Terry London” is one of the successful fashion brands.

Early Life and Career-
Abhash Jha was born in 1997 in Delhi, India. Abhash Jha belonged to a middle-class family with his father, Raj Jha, a businessman, and his mother, Kiran Jha, a housewife. He did his graduation from MDU in Haryana. Earlier his family had never supported him but once he started achieving success in the path he chose, his family started supporting him. Abhash Jha started his entrepreneurial journey in 2017 when he launched “Opsys Global“.

At Opsys Global, he helped several Global companies. Opsys Global is a company that provides IT services and Marketing. He always wanted to create something of his own. As time moved on, he had to fight for almost everything that he needed. An enterprising, strategic, and smart man, Abhash Jha perfectly embodies the spirit of an entrepreneur.

Ellen Terry-
Within one year of starting Ellen Terry London, the company made unexpected sales. The first product released by Ellen Terry London was sunglasses, which became the highest-selling product on Flipkart. Today, the company is working globally with every e-commerce platform.

In an interview, Abhash stated that he believes in earning money and not burning it. From the very first year, the company has been profitable. Its main goal is to sell durable, affordable, and stylish products.

A lesson we can learn-
Abhash’s hard work and dedication to his company are very inspiring. Hard work is the key to success. It teaches us determination and persistence. Before Ellen Terry London, Abhash worked with many MNCs. Finally, he found his true calling in the entrepreneurial world. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You must constantly look for opportunities and always make the best out of them. Lastly, always try to learn from your mistakes and never lose hope.

Award and achievements-
In 2022 he started collaborating with different fashion shows such as MIQH, The Braj Fashion Show, and The Planet Stylista as a gifting partner where he received a “Best Indian Fashion Brand” award.

In 2023, he has been nominated for a Young Entrepreneur Award and listed as an under-80 achiever in 2023.

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