XXRIDE The Ridesharing App That Makes You Pay Less


Revolutionizing the world of ridesharing for the first time with luxury and reduced costs, XXRIDE is launching officially on 22-02-2022 a new concept of transportation and ridesharing app in the UAE, specifically from Dubai.

The lower cost of trips compared to the rest of the competitors is not the only advantage of XXRIDE over other transportation and ridesharing apps, but the uniqueness of the services provided by XXRIDE is what makes it the ideal destination for passengers in Dubai. XXRIDE drivers can reach you wherever you are in Dubai and can take you to any destination you want in the UAE.

By a set of long-term partnerships, with approved and licensed various limousine companies in Dubai, XXRIDE provides a large and diversified fleet of cars and drivers that combines all categories of Select, Luxury, Electric, XXXL, in addition to Family cars.

On this occasion, the Founder and Managing Director of XXRIDE stated: “The highest international standards adopted in the selection of both cars and drivers at XXRIDE will ensure that passengers are delivered in a safe and reliable environment while keeping costs at lowest.”

As for the company’s expansion, the Founder explained: “At XXRIDE we intend to expand from Dubai to the rest of the Emirates within the next month, after which our plan includes expansion to several Arab and international destinations.”

In order to ensure the speed and flexibility of service for both riders and drivers, XXRIDE launched two applications, one for riders called XXRIDE and other for drivers called XXRIDE Driver, both applications are available on iOS and Android stores.

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